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To become a Lighthouse foster/adopt parent, you must meet the following qualifications:

  •  Be at least 21 years of age

  •  Be a legal resident of the United States

  •  Have a clean criminal record for at least five years and no history of abusing children

  •  Have a high school diploma/GED

  •  Have been married, divorced, widowed or single for at least one year

  •  Be gainfully employed and financially stable with monthly income more than expenses

  •  Have a driver’s license, auto insurance and dependable transportation

  •  Complete the Foster/Adopt Parent Application Process and submit all necessary documents

  •  Complete approximately 35 classroom hours of pre-service training

  •  Become certified and maintain certification in CPR and First Aid

  •  Your home must pass health and fire inspections

  •  Have a bedroom of at least 80 square feet for one child or 40 square feet per child if sharing a room

  •  Be willing to abide by a policy of no physical discipline

  •  Pass a Home Study Assessment

  •  Maintain annual training requirements of 30 hours/year for each parent

  •  Be a responsible, mature adult capable of meeting the needs of children in care

  •  Demonstrate a lifestyle that embraces the basic tenets of the Christian faith, including involvement in a local church

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